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Born in Jaipur (Rajasthan), India. Rhythm is a Research Scholar and Post Graduate in Applied Arts ( Illustration). She has always been an impulsive and highly sensitive individual. Motivated, touched and fascinated by almost everything in her immediate surroundings. Rhythm has always been passionate about drawing realistic art on paper. She realised her keen interest in Hyperrealism, a contemporary art genre, in 2009 and then chose to specialise in charcoal on paper as her medium for creating scrupulous and extensively detailed artworks which she feels strongly for. And through constant practice, perseverance and determination, she has mastered the art.


My artworks are done in a hyper-realistic style, characterized by translating photographs into drawings and paintings with extreme attention to detail and an exaggeration of reality. With the translation of a photo into a drawing or painting, I create further levels that go beyond the mere copy of the picture and which enables the viewer to experience the image in multiple perspectives. I do not endeavour to create the appearance of a particular person/animal or portray resemblance to the original image.  The quintessence of my art is not to copy or make a replica of visual representation but to capture an honest expression which has a narrative that touches the viewers soul. Creation of each artwork takes 100s of hours of craftsmanship and deep felt emotion.

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